• Releasing the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries – Kudos Microsoft. No question that this is a good move.
  • TED 2007 – The seemingly impossible is possible (Video) – Hans Roslings uses some of the best information visualization I have ever seen (Google must agree, because they bought his Gapminder tool) to deliver a great 20 minute presentation about how our cut and dry segmentation of the world into developed and developing countries is wrong and that we have the means and ability to eliminate poverty in our lifetimes. It’s well worth 20 minutes.
  • Is Twitter Useless, Asinine, or The Crocs of The Web? I love the comparison of Twitter to Crocs and think it’s true: There are those that find Twitter pointless (my wife) and those that can’t understand why people can’t see the simple elegance of power of it (myself). But more than the ability for me to know where my friends are going for dinner, Twitter is a paradigm for multi-channel information sharing and that can be quite powerful for organizations as well as individuals.

  • Learning from Bill Gates & Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs’ amazing presentation skills isn’t news to anyone, but I like this post largely because of the side-by-side depiction of a Bill Gates slide deck and a Steve Jobs slide deck. It makes a strong point…


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