On November 15th, 2010, I’ll begin a journey into the depths and reaches of OSS in ASP.NET MVC. Every other week, I post a short (or medium-length if I get carried away) screencast that explores some Open Source tool often seen in the wild with ASP.NET MVC. Here’s the list as it stands today (I’ll update this page with links as I post the videos):

  1. NuGet – November 15th (Channel 9 Video)
  2. SpecFlow and WatiN, Part 1 – November 29th (Channel 9 Video)
  3. SpecFlow and WatiN, Part 2 – December 13th (Channel 9 Video)
  4. MvcContrib – December 27th (Channel 9 Video)
  5. MvcContrib :: WatiN Test Helpers – February 14th (Channel 9 Video)
  6. StructureMap – February 28th (Channel 9  Video)
  7. ie9ify – The IE9 jQuery Plugin – March 28th (Channel 9 Video)
  8. MvcScaffolding (Channel 9 Video)
  9. MVC Turbine – May 6th (Channel 9 Video)
  10. AutoMapper – June 8th (Channel 9 Video)
  11. KnockoutJS – June 28th (Channel 9 Video)
  12. Should – June 29th (Channel 9 Video)

If you enjoyed any of these videos, or didn’t like them but still found them useful, please share this series on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog using the following url: http://bit.ly/mvcscreencasts


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