My name is Brandon Satrom.

This is me… pointing at something.


I like to talk. It’s usually good to have someone around to stop me. My wife is good at that.

I live in Austin, TX and work on the Kendo UI Team as Program Manager. For me, that means four things:

  1. Write Code
  2. Hang out with people smarter than me
  3. Write about code
  4. Give presentations about code

It’s a pretty sweet job. And yes, that is my order of preference.

Oh, and when I say “write code,” I don’t mean “write demos for presentations.” I mean actual code. I build actual sites and solutions. How else could I do #3 and #4?

Most of the code I’m writing these days is open source. I’m a committer on the MvcContrib project,  created a jQuery Plugin for adding IE Site Pinning capabilities to websites as well as an unobtrusive JavaScript plugin for KnockoutJS called Knockout.Unobtrusive. I also created and and working on a few other projects you can check out on my GutHub page.

I do some speaking, from time to time, and you can read all about that here.

I also do a lot of technical writing, you can read all about that here.

I also write fiction, but not so much lately. Kids, busy job and all that. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Perhaps someday, Dan Ducat, I will finish the novel in my desk drawer. For now, you can see how much I’m not writing by going to

In addition to this blog, I also spend more time than I should on Twitter as @BrandonSatrom. If you’re there, let’s follow one another and further the decline of western civilization, one tweet at a time.

I’m on LinkedIn too. Seems like we’re all still using that, to some degree.

Thanks for stopping by.



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